At Challenge we have many youth activities which aim to help our young people grow and to reach out to the young people surrounding the church.

Youth Activites


When: Friday Night (Term Time)

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Where: Challenge Community Church

Age: School years 3-7

This is a time spent running off steam playing lots of entertaining games followed by tuck shop, to mix it up we have various different nights throughout the term i.e. cinema night, quiz night and talent nights.  We have a time of reflection at the end of the evening which consists of a song for the young people to join in with and a ‘God slot’ talk by one of our leaders.  It’s a great time for children to have fun in a safe environment and learn about our Heavenly father.


When: Friday Night (Term Time)

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Where: Challenge Community Church

Age: School years 8-11

Boom is a group where young people come to spend time together, have fun and eat!  But most importantly there is a God slot where we talk about God and the sacrifice he has made for us.  Our aim is to see young people come to know God as their own personal friend and Saviour.  We also want to see the young people grow and flourish in their Christian walk.


When: First Saturday of each month (excluding August)

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Where: Faye’s House (for details contact Faye via email –

Age: School years 7-11

Charis is a group developed to build relationships between the young people so they have a strong group of Christian friends that will support each other as they face different stages in life.  The group is for young people that attend TnT on a Sunday morning. 

The name Charis comes from the Greek word meaning ‘Grace’ and talks about how God freely extends Himself, leaning and reaching to us because He is disposed to bless and be near us.  Charis is what we want our young people to experience with God and for us to show this love and kindness to each other.

Holiday Bible Club

When: First week of the Easter Holidays (4 days)

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm

Where: Challenge Community Church

Age: School years Reception to 7

Holiday Bible Club aims to share the Good News of Jesus through a week of fun filled activities with different themes each year.  During the week the young people will get to sing songs, play games, get creative and learn more about God and the amazing love that He has shown us through Jesus His Son.

Some of our past themes are: Jungle Explorers, Seaside Rocks, Treasure Hunters.